Charlie Ciali

Artist Statement

I believe that art is a language. It should speak to the viewer, the viewer in turn responds. It needs to communicate to others by evoking memories, emotions and understanding. I think art is like cooking. As chefs combine ingredients that on their own have a specific taste or degree of sweet, hot or sour - when blended together they become something new and extraordinary. My paintings combine elements that can stand on their own but when blended together they take on a new meaning specific to each person viewing the work. My paintings are about layers, each layer telling a different story. My goal is to allow two viewers to have different experiences while looking at my work. As an artist, the greatest challenge is to create your own unique language and yet have it understood by someone who has never seen your work or met you. Each artist speaks their own language and the reward is to be understood. I believe that art is as much about asking the questions as finding the answers.