Charlie Ciali

Art Instruction

Ciali Studio is located in Palm Springs CA. Studio sessions are available for students who wish to learn and work in monotype printmaking. The studio is equipped with a 24" x 48" Takach Press for printmaking and a complete palette of AKUA inks and modifiers.

Open Studio sessions include use of all studio supplies with the exception of printmaking paper which is available for sale per sheet. 

One day "Open Studio Sessions" are $125.00 per person per day. A discount package of five printmaking dates may be purchased for $500.00. Sessions begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.  

The following services are available for "Open Studio:"

  • All color inks in ready supply in the AKUA ink pallet, unlimited.
  • Individual ink palettes assigned to each person.
  • All modifiers that AKUA offers.
  • All tools necessary for printmaking including various size plates, stencils, tools, etc.
  • A generous supply of collage elements, free of charge.
  • A drying rack / storage dedicated to each printmaker.
  • The ability to leave your own personal supplies in the studio.
  • Ample space for up to three printers in the studio.
  • A 24"x48" Takach press and pin presses.
  • A ready supply of different printing papers at reasonable cost per sheet.
  • An pleasant dining area to enjoy your lunch (provided by you) and refrigerator space to store your food and cold beverages. 

Printers should be capable of working unassisted. The cleaning of plates, brayers and all supplies used by you  is your responsibility. 

One day "Fully Assisted Studio Sessions"  are $175.00 per person, per day and may be reserved for up to two persons maximum. If two people are booked for "Fully Assisted Studio" the price is $150.00 per person per day. Should one cancel, the rate returns to the $175.00 daily fee. No package discounts are available for the Fully Assisted Studio sessions.

"Fully Assisted Studios" are geared to give you the greatest amount of personal attention and production output.

"Fully Assisted Studio" includes:

Each full day session is 7 hours of work time plus a lunch break (provided by you) that can be scheduled to your particular needs and projects. Included are all the supplies and services as listed above but with personalized attention. You may with to bring personal tools, brushes and collage materials but all of these are available to you at no additional fees. You may choose to work as large as my press can handle. All the printing during these sessions will be done by me to help maximize your production or I will assist you in the printing.

If you do choose to have me print your work, I am not responsible for mis-registration or any other issue that can occur during the printing process.


Open Studio space for monotype printmaking are ongoing throughout the year at Ciali Studio and other locations around the country. For more information about studio sessions or workshops please contact Charlie Ciali at 760-409-9496 or email at: